The connections between individuals are improved through face to face social interaction. Pleasant and informational in their very nature, tabletop games are the optimal means to accomplish virtually any conflict resolution, and affords the participants not only insight into their opponents, but their internal ethics and communications methods.

Games are more than child's play.

You can bring your employees, and your business to the next level by employing game strategies and tactics. Let Jonathan Albin open bring your success out of the box.

Jonathan Albin

Years of experience: 21

Expertise: Games Advocacy

Our Vision

Find Talent

As one of the best-connected persons in the games business, let the Game Market Guru put you in contact with the right resources and individuals to make your business a success.   

The Game Market Guru

Our Goal

The goal is to develop stronger business relationships between individuals in every strata through the broad varieties of tabletop games.

Put me to work.

Whether you are seeking new and innovate ways to learn and connect, or if you need an advocate to speak out for your product, I am ready and willing to take on the challenge.              

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