Games Nights

The Game Market Guru will bring to your venue, workplace, or home a selection of the most exciting and challenging tabletop games available, and will not only teach your team, family, or coworkers how to play each one, but also share tips, strategies, and techniques to amplify the fun and value of the game experience. 

Parallels Events

Jonathan Albin has developed a unique and engaging game engine that creates an experience like no other. Participants are immersed in the story, and the interaction reveals the heart of every player, providing insight into the team dynamics, the family connections, and each player's deepest convictions.

The Closet Report

As a benefit for game players of every stripe, Jonathan Albin produces insight and analysis of games in an innovative way, focusing on the details of the game experience, the time and effort required to set up, play, and tear down each game, and building a hierarchy of which games should be in your games closet.


Whether you are a game designer seeking artists and playtesters, or a fantasy writer seeking connections with publishers for freelance work, the Game Market Guru has your resources at his disposal. Jonathan Albin will help you make the connections, putting you in contact with the decision-makers of manufacturers, publisher, and game stores. Through his extensive connections, your game industry dreams can become reality.

Advocacy and Public Presentations

Want to get your game property properly explained to a particular audience? Jonathan Albin, as game enthusiast and community advocate is precisely the person to bring your message to the masses. As a self-styled industry spokesman with decades of presentation experience, your message will be heard loud and clear, and your call to action will get the kind of response you're looking for. A compelling speaker, from keynote to breakout session, the Game Market Guru makes game play a serious business.

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